Fournier’s Gangrene: Clinical, Biochemical, Bacteriologic,
Immunologic Study and Treatment Outcome                                                                                                       9

Elham Ragab Abd El Samee, Saleh El Awady, Wael Khafagy, Mohamed Faryd, Mohamed Abd El-Raof

Study of T-cell Receptor Variable b (TCRVb), Macrophages Migration
Inhibitory Factor (MIF) and Natural Killer Cytotoxicity in Leprosy                                                          17

Elham Ragab Abd El Samee, Farha El Chennawy, Hala Ismail,
Amal El Bendary, Said Abdou and Zinab Abdel-Samad

Antifungal Drug Resistance in Pathogenic Fungi (Review Article)                                                               31

Salah Agha, Noha El-Mashad, Douaa EL-Deeb and Mostafa Mansour

Comparison between Standard (NCCLS) Broth Microdilution and
Commercial Tests for In-vitro Antifungal Susceptibility Testing of
Candida Species                                                                                                                                                          43

Noha El-Mashad and Mohamed Taha Mahmoud

Molecular Identification of Trichosporon Isolates Obtained from Different Clinical Specimens        51

Mohamed Taha Mahmoud, Noha El-Mashad, Heba Allah El-Shewehy

Thyroid Dysfunction and Thyroid Autoimmunity in Egyptian
Pediatric Vitiligo Patients                                                                                                                                        59

Maisa M Mokhtar, Manal I Helmy, Eman A Eissa, Lubna Y Ibrahim & A Ghani Nasr

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