The Use 2940 Er: YAG Laser and 595 Pulsed Dye Laser (PDL) in Combinationwith Intralesional Cortico





Aim of the work:



Patients and methods:









The combined use of Er: YAG laser and 595 PDL, with intralesional corticosteroids is a successful modality for the treatment of keloids with a very low recurrence rate.All the patients showed marked improvements with 100% flattening and disappearance of the keloids with no hardness, erythema or pruritis after the last 595 PDL sessions and for the following 8 months. At the end of the tenth month, only two patients (9.1%) showed mild small recurrence. Hypopigmentation which developed in 4 patients (18.2%) of

the patients was the main complication.

Twenty two patients were included in this study; 10 females and 12 males. The keloids were completely removed for all patients with Er: YAG laser followed by immediate intralesional injection of corticosteroids at the site of the removed keloid. Three weeks later, 595 PDL laser was used for four sessions, three weeks apart. The patients were followed up at a 2 months interval for 12 months.The aim of this work is to evaluate the combined effect of 2940 Er: YAG laser and 595 PDL laser with intralesional corticosteroids

for the treatment of keloid.

Keloid is a significant clinical problem, especially in dark populations. Different treatment modalities were used for the treatment of keloid; however it had limited outcome and high rate of recurrence.

with Intralesional Corticosteroids for the Treatment of Keloid

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