Neonatal Dermatology

The session 'Neonatal dermatology' was presented by Nanette B Silverberg. Dermatology of the neonate can be extensive. Topics reviewed here include: neonatal pustules and vesicles, vertical transmission of cutaneous viral infections, as well as birthmarks. When a physician encounters a neonate with primary lesions consisting of pustules and vesicles the differential diagnoses include erythema toxicum, transient neonatal pustular melanosis, herpes simplex virus, scabies and candidiasis. If the patient is systemically ill, a consultation with pediatric dermatology is always ideal. Erythema toxicum occurs in the first 1–2 days and has eosinophils in the pustules. Transient neonatal pustular melanosis can be present at birth, may affect the palms and soles, and resolves with a collarette of scale and hyperpigmentation. This neutrophilic pusutulosis is primarily noted in children of color. Vertical transmission of viruses can range from benign lesions seen in molluscum transmission to herpetic lesions that can cause failure to thrive and neurodevelopmental changes due to encephalitis. The latter can be confirmed with direct fluorescent antibody or Tzanck smear and requires intravenous acyclovir. Scabetic lesions can mimic the above with lesions in the axillae, diaper region and palms and soles; scabies in the neonate requires mineral oil preparation for diagnosis, and treatment of the entire family.


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botulinum toxin

botulinum toxin type A



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·         adalimumab

·         alefacept

·         efalizumab

·         etanercept

·         infliximab

·         Psoriasis

·         ustekinumab


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