Zinc Deficiency–associated Dermatitis in Infants During a Nationwide Shortage of Injectable Zinc

Washington, DC, and Houston, Texas, 2012-2013

Duke Ruktanonchai, MD, Michael Lowe, PhD, Scott A. Norton, MD, Tiana Garrett, PhD, Lamia Soghier, MD, Edward Weiss, MD, June Hatfield, MS, Jeffrey Lapinski, MS, Steven Abrams, MD, Wanda Barfield, MD


Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. 2014;63(2):35-37. 



Facial Skin and Soft Tissue Infection Caused by Mycobacterium wolinskyi Associated With Cosmetic Procedures

Seung Jin Yoo, Keun Hwa Lee, Sung-No Jung, Sang Taek Heo


BMC Infect Dis. 2013;13(479) 


Background: Mycobacteirum wolinskyi is a member of the Mycobacterium smegmatis group, which is less frequently found in clinical settings than other nontuberculous mycobacterium (NTM) species. However, its clinical significance has recently increased in opportunistic infections. This case is the first report of facial skin and soft tissue infection by M. wolinskyi complicating cosmetic procedures. 



High-Dose Isotretinoin Cuts Acne Relapse Risk without Upping Side Effects

November 07, 2013

By Anne Harding

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) Nov 06 - Patients treated for acne vulgaris with high-dose isotretinoin have a smaller risk of relapse without any significant increase in the risk of serious side effects, researchers have found. 


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